About ChangeTracker

Change Tracker has been developed as a tool for practitioners to use within their own settings and services in South Gloucestershire. It aims to support planning to improve outcomes for children and young people, and also to measure the progress that each plan achieves. It is hoped that children, young people and their families will be involved in using change tracker as a means of engaging them in being a part of every support plan, and also to support them in objectively defining their own needs and desired outcomes.  The tool has been designed to be used by a range of partners in a variety of settings and this website is just one representation of the information.

The ‘Sleep Patterns’ strand – just one of the 50 strands in the tool.

Needs and behaviours of children and young people have been described in 50 strands like the one above.  Each one can be assessed at 5 levels depending on the severity of the situation by matching to the descriptors.

Parents, children or professionals can choose a maximum of 6 strands to assess that reflects the priority areas of concern.  This will be the initial assessment before action is taken to try to improve the situation.  A document can be printed (or saved) showing the strands and levels chosen for future review and reference.